Main tasks

To tackle the main issues facing the managers of the listed properties, the Association has set up three working committees :

Management Plans

The site managers of all types of property must draw up and implement management plans in line with national and UNESCO policies. This involves analysis and knowledge, through to strategic plans and long-term action. The Association has thus undertaken to help its members identify the key elements and means of ensuring dynamic management of the heritage sites for which they are responsible.

Accordingly, the French State and the Association signed a Management Charter for French world heritage sites to ensure the preservation and enhancement of the listed properties, notably by adopting local management plans. In this way, the State has undertaken to work alongside local authorities to preserve the sites.

Communication, Culture and Mediation/Media coverage

The aim of this working committee is to stimulate the ABFPM network and ensure the exchange of best practice among its members. Its aim is also to ensure that the Association becomes a key world heritage player both nationally and internationally.

The main communication tools used today are web-sites, collaboration platforms, proceedings of the Association’s Annual meetings, tourism publications, etc.

International Relations

The aim of this working committee is to foster discussions with other listed properties throughout the world facing the same challenges as the members of the Association. In particular, links are being established with other European world heritage property networks.