The main aims of the members of the Association are:

  • To foster discussion and the sharing of knowledge and experience at national and international levels within the domains of heritage conservation, protection, enhancement, development and management;
  • To offer advice and ideas to heritage stakeholders in France and abroad in the above-mentioned areas;
  • To promote awareness of the sites inscribed on the World Heritage list among the general public and tourism operators.

The members

Since the original inscriptions, new categories of property have been introduced, including those which cover extensive areas, leading to changes in the scale of management and to new challenges. It has also led to a wider variety of property managers: local authorities, public establishments, groups, non-profit-making organizations, private individuals, etc. However, membership of the Association is relevant for all of them, as well as for applicants on the French Tentative List, enabling them to benefit from the experience of their elders.

The work of the Association is also assisted by the participation of institutional partners responsible for monitoring the 1972 Convention (the State, the French National Commission for UNESCO, ICOMOS, IUCN, etc.).